MVCC Ecosystem

Miracle Venture Capital Club - HASH Play & Earn, using blockchain as the underlying structure, operates and executes with the 3-in-1 governance model of DAO + DEFI + NFT, which avoids the traditional enterprise structure, complexity and tediousness. It breaks the layer-by-layer governance model and builds a truly decentralized, autonomous, fair, just, co-constructed & shared entertainment new ecosystem.

MVCC Ecosystem: Entertainment

MVCC is a decentralized, entertainment-focused, token-based ecosystem harnessing the power of NFT, DAO, DeFi, and blockchain. We developed our ecosystem to facilitate highly efficient, rewarding, multi-layer interaction between users and our entertainment platform, a quick and easy reality. Our entertainment token ecosystem also aims to transform and redefine experiences by creating new ways for users and the industries we are vested in to have more rewarding relationships with each other.

MVCC Ecosystem: DeFi

MVCC is committed to developing a clean, pollution-free, smart contract driven, DeFi digital currency for our users, partners, and investors. This digital currency can elevate our investor portfolio values by providing access to friction-free services, solid investment avenues and alternatives to standard financial services on the MVCC ecosystem

Miracle Venture Capital Club

Development & Growth Through DAO Protocols

The global community participating in the MVCC genesis node can generate a consensus through collective voting to further decide and promote the direction of the MVCC development.

Entertainment & Entertainment Project, Unlimited Potential Returns

MVCC will operate through a DAO-driven conglomerate model in the Philippines to legally launch a series of entertainment, tourism & real estate developments.

Online GameFi Platform, Risk-Free Returns

Protected by the insurance mechanism, all players can easily earn money by playing the HASH Play & Earn (Online) every day, anywhere, anytime.

Online Casino Share Mechanism

Online casino (covering HASH Play & Earn)

Total #Share Issue

Share IDO

Holder Profit

Profit Sharing



Profit divided by 40,000 shares

Holder “0.2%”, Member “0.3%”, Player “0.5%”

Online Casino Share Mechanism

Online casino (covering HASH Play & Earn)

70% of 40,000 Share = 28,000 Share

1-800 Share = Each 750 BUSD

8001 - 18000 Share = Each 1,125 BUSD

18,000 - 28,000 Share = Each 1,500 BUSD

Genesis Node - Advantages

You can get 10,000 coins per share (Pancake Swap listing price = 1 USDT)

Get 35% income from Party Beach Resort revenue: Estimated annual income of 156 million yuan * 35% = 54.6 million, distribute to total 250 genesis nodes, the annual income per person is 218,400 yuan (about 33,600USD)

Slippage distribution 2% (genesis node reward) + 2% (equity reward) + 1% (staking).

Buy 1 share get 1 free, up to 10 (buy 1 casino stake, get 1 online casino stake)

Get NFT (incubate in the future) .

Platinum status for one year

Distribution Plan

Total:250 shares

Estimated slippage distribution reward:5000 USDT per share

10,000 community members * 50 MVCC premium = 500,000 USDT
500,000 USDT * 5% = 25,000 USDT
250,000 USDT / 250 Genesis Nodes = 100 USDT